With a new dashboard and search filters, plus expanded specialties, travel assignments, and referrals – it’s a brand new Medely!

Your apps are constantly pushing new updates. Often it’s hard to see what, if anything, actually changed. This is not one of those updates. We focused on making it easier for you to find jobs quickly and earn rewards when you share Medely with your colleagues.

At first glance it may not look like much has changed, but we’ve crammed tons of new features into this update. We’ve given you more control over the jobs you see with new search filters. It’s now easier than ever to check your availability with our updated My Jobs section. On top of that, we’ve expanded referral rewards for more specialities and travel assignments. (You do know we do travel assignments , right?)

Let’s jump in and take a look at what’s new.

Find Exactly The Jobs You’re Looking For

Find jobs and assignments quicker with our new search filters.


Sometimes a basic search is all you need to find what you need. Other times it returns so many options your eyes roll back into your head. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you’re looking for something you’ve never needed to look for before.

Whatever your search needs, our new search filters have you taken care of. You can now search all 50 states and narrow by any of our 30+ positions. Next you can sort your results by start date, pay, and length of assignment – all to quickly find the exact jobs and travel assignments that fit your needs. 

All of this is saved so each time you search Medely, you automatically see more of what you’re interested in. Need to look for something different? No worries, you can change your search preferences at any time.

Your All New Dashboard

My Jobs – Work history and upcoming jobs, all in one place

Several of the changes we’ve made can be found right in your dashboard – including our changes to credentialing and references. But perhaps the biggest difference is your job and assignment history.

Previously you were able to check what jobs started in the next couple of weeks.

Now, not only can you quickly see any upcoming, booked jobs and drill down into the details, but you can also see your current and booked travel assignments and any upcoming interviews you have, all in one location.

This gives you the ability to know in a moment what your availability looks like as you book more work or try to schedule additional interviews.

In addition to that information, you can find your work history in the Completed Jobs tab. Completed jobs will list any jobs you’ve worked, as well as any cancellations or missed shifts. Completed Jobs also allows you to review the facilities you’ve worked at or check your past reviews.

Checking your upcoming and completed jobs on the My Jobs tab.
Check availability and completed jobs on the new My Jobs tab.

Simplified Credentialing

With this update, we’ve made a couple of changes to how credentials work on our platform. 

First we’ve incorporated a TB questionnaire to comply with the most recent CDC guidance. After providing us with your initial TB credential, you can extend your approval 12 months by completing the questionnaire within the app.

How your credentials are displayed has been updated. It’s easier than ever to see what required or optional credentials need to be updated.

100% Profile Completion

We’ve made it even easier to have a fully complete profile, helping you put your best foot forward with facilities. Our updates to references allow you to more easily track who you’ve listed as a reference or add additional references. We’ve also cleaned up your profile to make it easier to see all of your information in one place. Look for updates to Education History, EHR systems you’re trained on, and Regulatory Competencies you have.

Super-charged Referral Rewards

You may have seen our referral rewards in the past, but with this update, we’re revamping the program. We’re giving you more opportunities to put money in your pocket.

Sharing a job and earning rewards is now easier than ever.

First, we’ve added more specialities to the program. More assignments can now be shared with your colleagues – and once they meet the booking requirements, we send you up to $500.

Second, you can now refer one of your friends that’s already using Medely for per diem work – if they book and complete their first travel assignment with us… you guessed it, up to $500 in your pocket.

You can find more details on our expanded referral rewards program in our FAQ.

Not only can you refer more people to Medely – allowing you to make extra cash while helping your friends… but it’s also easier than ever before. 

Just look for the share icon on assignments, click, and send your referral by email, text, or facebook – all from inside the app. Or, copy your referral link and share anywhere you’d like. No matter who uses the link, you’ll get credit for the referral.

We’re Just Getting Started

These updates aim to give you more flexibility in where and when you work. We’re simplifying your experience with Medely and sending extra cash your way with Referral Rewards. But this is just the beginning. We’re passionate about empowering you and giving you the tools to take control of your healthcare career. We want you to focus on patient care on the job and live your life once you clock out. We’re listening to your feedback and will continue to build technology designed to make your life easier.

So jump in and take the new Medely for a spin today!