With Nurses Week kicking off today, you probably want to do something to celebrate the healthcare professionals in your life. Chances are you already recognize and appreciate how hard each nurse works every day, but Nurses Week is the perfect time to go a little overboard with a well-deserved celebration.

Nurses Week Celebration Ideas

Below you’ll find some great ideas for celebrating and appreciating your coworkers during Nurses Week.

Bring coffee for your team


For nurses, coffee is a universal sign of appreciation for nurses, whether you have a morning shift or need an extra push during the night shift. During Nurse Week, go the extra mile and grab coffee for your entire team to show them you appreciate them.

Bring cookies


 Who doesn’t love cookies? This Nurses Week, celebrate by bringing homemade or bakery bought cookies to show your nurse squad some love. You can even decorate them like the image below.

Host a themed party


If allowed, have each floor or team of your facility dress in a different theme. Choose themes that have meaning to your team from inside jokes or specific interests such as Wild West, 70s, Disney, etc. Or, just dress up like the super hero that you are. 

Organize a team lunch 

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Another great way to show your nurses some appreciation is to organize a team lunch. Whether you pay for everyone’s lunch out, you have a team potluck, or all pitch in to get something catered, a team lunch is a great way to show appreciation.

Enjoy a massage or spa day


For people who have a highly stressful job, a spa or on-hand masseuse for the day is absolutely clutch. Set aside a room where you can ask massage volunteers to provide your nurses with foot rubs and back rubs galore.

Hint: Massage schools need to get clinical hours and can do this through free services for a good cause or special event.

Practice yoga together


Again, with the relaxation theme. We spend a lot of time on our feet, walking around, etc. Yoga is a great way to stretch out all of the kinks we get throughout the day. You could even get custom yoga mats and hand them out to each member of the team as a sign of appreciation.

Plan a night out for your team  


With such a high-stress job, a night out is a great way to blow off some steam. Get your team together for a fun night out whether it’s for happy hour, dancing, a show, or any activity that you’ll all enjoy together.

Final Thoughts: Nurse Week Celebration Ideas

With Nurses Week underway, make sure you have something planned – whether it’s a big event at your facility or not. Show your fellow nurses and coworkers that you appreciate them. Even a simple “thank you,” coffee, or cupcakes will go a long way for creating and maintaining a happy working environment. 

Do you have other great ideas to celebrate Nurses Week? Let us know in the comments below!