Work-life Balance

Earn more and book per-diem shifts on your schedule

Certified Medical Assistant Requirements


Earn $20-24+/hr working as a Certified Medical Assistant Requirements with Medely.

What is Medely?

Medely matches Registered Nurses with Healthcare Facilities who request per-diem shifts through the Medely app. New Per-diem opportunities are sent to your smart phone daily. Medely is the perfect way to earn great money on any schedule (part-time, full-time, seasonal, or temporary) and Medely Professionals receive payment next-day.

Why Medely?
  • $20-24+/hr Base rate with bonus rates after 8 hours and 12 hours.
  • Flexible hours
  • Next-day payment processing
  • Work with friendly outpatient surgery centers


How it Works

Describe the shift
Set your own schedule
Only work when it works for you. There’s no minimum hourly commitment.
Book your medical professional
Daily Job Opportunities
We do the work for you. New Per-diem opportunities are sent to your smart phone as they arise.
Quick Payouts
When your shift is complete, payment will happen seamlessly and securely through the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Medely different?
Medely is different because we’re the first network to empower healthcare professionals to connect directly to healthcare facilities for short term and per-diem jobs, instead of working through an agency. Healthcare professionals benefit from having full transparency on all job details, next day payment processing and 24 hour support.
Do I have to pay anything to use this service?
Medely is completely free for all Healthcare Professionals.
I already have a job, can I work with Medely on my off-time?
Absolutely. You choose when you work. Build a full schedule or book a few shifts on the side.
What types of medical professionals can join Medely?
Medely welcomes all Doctors, Registered Nurses, Surgical Techs, and Radiology Techs that are licensed or certified to work in the United States.
Do I need to make a minimum commitment to Medely?
Nope. Work as much as you like. Some professionals earn extra cash just working Friday nights and weekends.
How do I get paid?
Payments are transferred directly into the your bank account on a weekly basis.