Join the Medely team

Medely team together at a conference

We believe in action, community, and quality. 

Two nurses enjoying coffee together in downtown area

Our mission

Change the way healthcare works by empowering healthcare professionals and facilities with a best-in-class technology platform that delivers economic opportunity and operational efficiency.

Our vision

We envision a future where staffing challenges are eliminated by our transformative technology, fostering a sustainable and thriving healthcare ecosystem for both healthcare professionals and organizations.

Join the Medely team

We’re a tech company passionate about people, and we’re changing the face of healthcare.

Our core values


We always act like owners. We set ambitious goals for ourselves and for Medely, and we pursue them relentlessly.


We work with a sense of well-coordinated urgency. We never leave for tomorrow what can be done today.


We build simple solutions to complex problems. Simplicity gives us a clear vision that allows us to move fast and with purpose in the same direction


We rely on data to make well-informed, rational, and unbiased decisions. We are curious and seek out new and better insights rather than accepting the status quo.


We care about healthcare and about our customers. We aim to make the customer experience with Medely not just better, but magical.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

People are the center of our business. Building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce has always been a fundamental value and cultural norm at Medely.

Fully-remote team

Our team is everywhere. We are fully remote and working together in almost all 50 states across the U.S. We always find time to be together and share our wins and interests, and even offer team yoga every week.

We’re building the world’s most trusted talent marketplace

At Medely, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to think outside the box. We’re looking for collaborative innovators and creative problem solvers who want to learn and grow. Sound like you?

Why people love working at Medely

“What I enjoy most about working for Medely is working with an amazing group of individuals. Everyone here is driven and passionate about the work that they do, always open to lending a hand and collaborating on new ideas.”

Jenifer Dolan
Healthcare Recruiting Manager

“Having experienced the worker side of healthcare as an RN, I wanted to be a part of a process that would help give healthcare workers more power in their work-life decision-making as well as schedule flexibility. I really feel like Medely appreciates the people doing the everyday work in healthcare and that is a wonderful thing!” -

Katie Haigler 
Clinical Specialist, Registered Nurse