Earn more on your schedule

Medely is the smarter way to work on your terms. Find per diem shifts, local assignments, and travel assignments on our easy-to-use platform at various facilities in your area and nationwide.

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Health professionals 

Work how you want, when you want

Medely enables health professionals to earn more by booking per diem shifts, local assignments, and travel assignments when and where they want.

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Alternative to traditional work

Working with Medely offers a flexible earning opportunity. It’s a great alternative to full-time roles or working though a staffing agency.

Set your own hours

Book the shifts that fit your lifestyle. You decide when and how often you work.

Fast and convenient pay

When you get paid to work using Medely, your earnings automatically get transferred to your bank account multiple times a week.

Health professionals 

A platform to fit work around life

Find per diem, local, and travel assignments with competitive rates and stipends through Medely’s affiliate Frontline Health. We will support you every step of the way.

Get personalized shift and assignment alerts

Connect quickly with requests that match your experience.

Find and book shifts online at any time

Our digital experience means booking shifts fast.

Active support 

Our team helps you find the right shifts and assignments for your lifestyle.

How Medely works for nurses and allied health professionals

Post notification for health professional

Step 1: Get a request notification

Once you’re approved, you can receive shift and assignment request alerts tailored to your skills and experience from our extensive network of healthcare facilities.

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Book your shift or apply for an assignment

Work when it works for you. Connect with the right per diem shifts, local assignments, and travel assignments on Medely’s platform and entirely on your schedule.

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Step 3: Get paid

Use our app to track your earnings and manage payouts. Multiple pay dates per week for per diem shifts mean shorter wait times for payment.

Shape your life with Medely

Find per diem shifts, local assignments, and travel assignments through Medely.

Frequently asked questions

Get help

First, you apply to use Medely, and then a team member reaches out to connect and plan your Medely onboarding. Our team works with you to verify your credentials and experience. Once verified, you can start booking shifts and applying for assignments. After completing a shift, the facility approves your timesheet, and you get paid out. It’s that easy!

To apply to use Medely as a nurse or healthcare professional, fill out this form and follow the instructions provided.

Any healthcare professional who wants to use Medely must complete a verification process, including a screening with our team of RNs, uploading valid credentials, a background check, and a skills self-assessment. Typically, this process takes less than five days. 

All healthcare professionals must have relevant and recent experience in the positions they want to work through Medely. 8 months of experience is required for all positions, except CNAs, which require 6 months of experience. Nurses and allied health professionals must pass our position-specific clinical competency screening process administered by in-house RNs. Before picking up shifts, health professionals must submit the required state and role-specific credentials. A background check is also completed for each health professional using Medely.

Unlike other talent networks, Medely does not require healthcare professionals to work a certain number of hours to remain eligible to participate. 

Health professionals must submit the required state and role-specific credentials. For nursing professionals, we use primary source verification through Nursys to verify licensure for all nursing professionals in real-time. An active and unencumbered license is required. All pros must also submit a driver's license, TB test, and BLS. Professionals are required to complete skills self-assessments for every position. Assessment(s) are visible to the facility once a posted job is booked. All health professionals must also sign off on annual competencies including, but not limited to, HIPAA, OSHA, and Child and Elder Abuse.

To get on a facility’s favorites list, you must work a shift at that facility. If they loved the experience, they can add you to their list. Nurses and allieds on facilities’ favorites lists get access to urgent and priority shifts that may or may not get posted to the general public.

Medely currently has a referral program for healthcare professionals. Referring your friends and colleagues is easy. To get started, click here

For per diem shifts, Medely pays out multiple times weekly. For local and travel assignments, Medely pays out weekly. 

There are no fees associated with using Medely for healthcare professionals. Creating an account, picking up shifts, and applying for assignments are free. 

This is a list of the current markets Medely supports per diem shifts. However, we are expanding into new markets all over the country. Medely supports travel opportunities all over the country, not just these locations. 









Columbus, OH

Dallas-Fort Worth



Fairfax, VA

Fort Lauderdale





Inland Empire

Las Vegas

Los Angeles



New York City

North New Jersey

Orange County


Palm Beach

Palm Springs





San Antonio

San Diego

San Francisco/Bay Area



South New Jersey

St. Louis


Ventura County