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Request trusted medical professionals in minutes

How it Works

Our products allow healthcare facilities to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable by accessing trusted medical professionals on-demand.

Describe the shift
Describe the shift

Choose from a variety of highly skilled medical positions. Select the day and time you'd like a qualified Medely Professional to work.

Book your medical professional
Confirm and book

Just like that, your medical professional arrives and gets the job done.

Easy payments

Our products allow businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable.

Benefits of Medely

Grow without hiring

Hiring full time employees is costly. Medely allows you to scale your staff easily. Our technology provides you with access to thousands of Nurses, Techs and Doctors at the touch of a button.

grow your staff

Transparent Pricing

Up to 5 times less expensive than agencies and no hidden fees. Flat hourly rate.

Transparent Pricing

Medely is a staff management platform built for healthcare facilities big and small

For Director of Nursing
Access to highly skilled Registered Nurses and Techs at the touch of a button.
Facility Administrator
Control, and manage your organization’s ability to scale. No need to cancel a case because you're short staffed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Medely different?
Medely is different because we’re the first marketplace to empower Healthcare Facilities to connect directly to Medical Professionals for short term and per-diem jobs, instead of working through an agency.
How does Medely save me money?
Medely saves you money by eliminating the agency and passing the savings directly to you. In addition, payments and insurance are handled through the Medely platform. The result is a 40% saving over a traditional agency or direct hire.
Do I have to pay anything to use this service?
Medely is free to sign up as a Healthcare Facility. You only pay if a shift is booked and completed.
What type of professionals can i request?
You can request highly skilled medical professionals including:
  • Pre-op
  • Circulating (Operating Room Nurse)
  • PACU (Recovery Room Nurse)
  • Surgical Techs
  • Radiology Techs
Does Medely do background screening on professionals?
Yes, Medely performs a background screening on all professionals including monitoring of credentials and licenses.
Do I need to make a minimum commitment to Medely?
Nope, post as much as you like. There is no minimum commitment to use the Medely platform.