A hand stacks coins on a table outside.

Seven ways travel nurses can maximize their pay.

No one goes into nursing to get rich – most nurses are answering a call to help others. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure you’re being paid well for providing care.

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An asian travel nurse uses tech on her tablet.

Six Ways Technology Creates a Better Travel Nursing Experience

Technology is a vital part of healthcare. Whether it’s something as cool as a 3D printed cast or using Medely to book a last minute per diem with the touch of a button, technology is creating better patient outcomes and simplifying our work lives. Yes, even those frustrating EHR/EMR systems.

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Lady with a Tablet

The Medely update you’ve been waiting for!

With a new dashboard and search filters, plus expanded specialties, travel assignments, and referrals – it’s a brand new Medely!

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charge nurse interview questions

Charge Nurse Interview Questions

From director of nursing and chief nursing officer down to nursing aids and LPNs, there are a number of different positions that are all vital to the efficacy of a nursing team and the hospital they serve. 

While it’s important that each member of your nursing team is qualified for their role, it’s especially important to hire the right kind of leaders. They will, at the end of the day, carry the most responsibility and are the individuals that will be turned to in the most crucial moments.

If your organization is hiring a charge nurse, you want to make sure you ask the right interview questions to assess the candidate’s leadership skills, medical experience and expertise, ability to communicate effectively, and a number of other valuable qualities needed to be an effective charge nurse. 

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nursing interview questions for delegation

Nursing Delegation and Prioritization Questions and Scenarios

Nurses get questioned on delegation and prioritization for a lot of good reasons. It allows for hospitals and clinical facilities to test their critical thinking and analytical skills, ability to make difficult, real-time decisions, and understanding of the big picture when it comes to getting things done in an orderly and safe fashion.

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