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Your next travel adventure starts here

Medely provides one-on-one support and access to travel assignments and per diem shifts in one simple-to-use app.

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Travel nationwide 

Medely’s platform offers travel opportunities through its affiliate, Frontline Health, to enable professionals who wish to travel to find the perfect assignments for their lives and schedules. 

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Find the right location, schedule, and facility and apply in just a few clicks. 

Access to great pay and benefits

Travel assignments can provide opportunities to earn competitive rates, exclusive perks, and stipends for travel, as well as great benefits like medical, dental, vision, and 401(k) programs. 

Exclusive support

A healthcare recruiter is with you every step of the way, helping you find the right assignment, secure housing, and connect you with resources before your next adventure. 

Travel nurses get more

Nurses, techs, and allied health professionals use the Medely platform to connect with great travel opportunities nationwide that best fit their lives. 

The flexibility you deserve

Medely’s affiliate, Frontline Health, works with healthcare facilities and its partners to find the perfect opportunities for you starting at four weeks or more. 

Access per diem and local assignments 

With the help of its affiliate, Frontline Health, Medely is one of the only solutions out there that offers per diem, local assignments, and travel assignments. Pick up per diem shifts anytime to maximize your earnings or make extra cash between travel assignments. 


You will always know how much you earn through your travel assignments before you apply. 

Why travel nurses love Medely

"I would recommend Medely because they're easy to use, and it's really nice to take per diem work in between long-term assignments."

Hilary Kocsisszucs
PACU RN, Travel Nurse

"I choose to travel because I like the flexibility and just deciding when I want to work whenever I want and just taking the time off to spend more time with my friends, my family, and just go on vacation."

Tobe Ezimora
Registered Nurse, Travel Nurse

Freedom, flexibility, and support when you need it.