Updated Nov. 29. 2023

Leveraging an extended workforce with per diem staffing can be a valuable resource for healthcare facilities looking to supplement their regular staff or fill in gaps during high demand. One of the benefits of having a reliable pool of qualified healthcare professionals is being able to meet your facility’s needs without having to invest in hiring and employing full-time staff.

However, integrating per diem workers into existing teams can present a challenge. Without proper management, temporary staff members can feel like outsiders and unable to contribute to the team’s goals fully. In this blog post, we’ll explore building cohesive teams with per diem staff members.

Clarify expectations

Before a healthcare professional starts a per diem shift, make sure they understand the expectations for their role. Outline what they need to accomplish, what their schedule will be, and what their responsibilities are. By doing this, they will be better equipped to jump in and work alongside the existing team members.

Here’s what you can include in a welcome kit:

  • Job description
  • Performance expectations and productivity goals
  • Clarifying information on reporting and supervisory roles

Provide orientation

Orientation is essential for all staff members, including per diem staff. Take the time to provide an orientation that covers policies, procedures, and protocols to ensure the best outcomes. In addition, make sure per diem staff members are trained on any necessary equipment and software so they can quickly and efficiently support your team.

Foster communication

Communication is vital to building cohesive teams with an extended workforce. Encourage regular communication between team members so everyone is informed and up-to-date with what your patients need.

Encourage collaboration 

Collaboration is a critical component of building cohesive teams. Encourage per diem professionals to collaborate with permanent staff members on tasks to build a rapport. This not only helps build relationships but can also help bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the team.

Recognize achievements

Per diem staff members want to feel like they contribute to the team’s success. Take the time to recognize their achievements and contributions. This can be as simple as saying “thank you” or recognizing their work with the rest of the team.

Address challenges head-on

If any issues arise, addressing them as soon as possible is essential. This can help prevent more significant problems and ensure everyone works together smoothly.

Facilities using Medely can keep their preferred per diem professionals coming back with our favorites feature, which allows facility managers to send shift requests directly to a list of preferred professionals before the shift request goes out to Medely’s talent marketplace.

Per diem staffing can effectively supplement your healthcare facility’s full-time internal staff. By following these tips, you can ensure that everyone works together towards common goals and delivers the best possible patient care.

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