You’ll go through a lot (and we mean a LOT) of scrubs during your career. Nursing is a messy job, and you need to make sure that your uniform is up to the task.

But you don’t have to break the bank when buying comfortable and durable scrubs. There are plenty of options to choose from that will last, and keep you looking professional on your rounds.

What to Look For in Cheap Scrubs

You won’t be getting linen for anything less than $50 online (believe us, we tried) but you can still find affordable garments made well and from quality material. Here are a few boxes to check while you’re shopping for cheap nursing scrubs:

  • Material – This one’s a must. Natural fabrics such as 100% cotton or rayon are always better than their synthetic counterparts. Not only are they softer and more comfortable, but they can tolerate more washes, so they last a lot longer. Plus, cellulose-derived materials are super-breathable, so you can wear them for longer periods of time.
  • Construction – Even really cheap scrubs pay some attention to style, and choosing a well-fitting cut and finish will have you looking like a million dollars, for close to 20. Pieces with wide hems, and fitted shapes are usually more durable, even more comfortable, than the baggier quick-stitch tops and trousers.
  • Adjustable fit – Go for the drawstring waist versus the elastic, or the structured material versus the stretchy. Especially in cheap scrubs, adjustability is going to help the garment last — we’ve all dealt with worn-out elastics. And some of the more inexpensive styles might use a few-sizes-fit-all philosophy, so an adjustable waistband will help you work a scrub to fit your body just right.
  • Style – Fun patterns and shapes always brighten up a pair of drab scrubs. If you like to stand out, look for bright colors, graphics, and modified cut styles such as the hourglass waist or the mock wrap.

Cheap Scrubs and Where to Find Them

  1. Amazon – The holy grail for just about anything you could ever want, medical gear included. Prime members can order cheap scrubs with free shipping, saving even more money. Some favorites are the Just Love Women’s Set for $19.99, and the MedPro Women’s Printed Medical Scrub Set for as little as $8.00.
  2. – “America’s Medical Superstore” offers just about any piece of personal equipment you can think of, and it’s all super affordable. The basic Women’s V-Neck Top and Cargo Pant Scrub Set is offered at $19.98, and you can find separate scrub tops and pants in a multitude of colors for $7.98.
  3. Urbane Scrubs – This brand offers a wide range of styles and super high-quality. They’re a little on the pricier side, but always have great sales. Their Essentials Relaxed Leg Drawstring Scrub Pants can go for as little as $9.98, and their popular Sophie Mock Wrap Scrub Tops may be purchased for $20.95.
  4. Dickies – The utilitarian brand offers a diversity of nursing scrubs that receive rave reviews, and are super long-lasting. The EDS Signature Mock-Wrap Top costs just $19.99, and the EDS Unisex Top as little as $15.99.
  5. Cherokee – A good brand for basics, their Drawstring Flare-Leg Scrub Pants can be yours for $15.99. They also offer cheap scrub jackets for $17.99.
  6. Scrubs & Beyond – This website offers a comprehensive selection of brands, styles, and price points to suit any nurse curating a professional wardrobe. Order in multiples to save on pieces you love, and visit their “$19.99 and under” page to see clearance, and everyday affordable products. (For an extra treat, they usually offer coupons for even more savings.) Our favorite discount pieces include the Grey’s Anatomy 2-Pocket V-Neck Top for $14.97, and the WonderWink Cargo Pants for $17.49.
  7. – A veritable shopping mall of scrubs, nursing shoes, and medical accessories. Medical Scrubs Collection offers higher-end brands for bargain prices, boasting as much as 20% the list price for most items. Also, spend $99 and get free shipping. You can find specialty garments like this WonderWink Maternity Scrub Top for $29.99, and a range of plus-size pieces like this one, also from WonderWink, for $30.99.
  8. – The real goldmine for affordable nursing scrubs. Browse their website by profession, and find scrubs specific to your daily needs for next to nothing. This White Swan Fundamentals Unisex One Pocket Basic Scrub Top comes in 18 different colors for $10.99, and these super-comfy Rib Knit Scrub Pants retail at $29.99.
  9. – This site carries the “largest selection of clearance scrubs” out there, and features a huge variety of printed tops, scrub sets, lab coats, and accessories from top brands such as Barco and Carhartt. This Women’s V-Neck Multi-Pocket Top may be purchased for $17.98; and pediatric nurses can find all kinds of fun, kid-friendly printed tops for between $5.99 and $23.99.
  10. – A charity created by nurses, this site donates a portion of proceeds gained when you buy scrubs through them to help finance care for medically fragile foster infants. Buy “scrubs for a cause” WonderWink Professionals Classic V-Neck Top for $15.99, and support a great cause in the meantime.

Scrubs don’t need to be expensive to serve you well. By choosing scrubs that fit your needs and aren’t a hit to your wallet, you can get the function and form you need from your nursing apparel.

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