Working as a traveling Nurse or Allied Healthcare Professional is a dream profession for many in the healthcare industry. So many, in fact that there’s an entire convention dedicated to it! TravCon 2021 is the largest healthcare travel convention in the world. Each year hosts thousands of mobile medical professionals over a long weekend packed with professional development opportunities, social events, fantastic food, and more fun than you ever knew you could have as a travel nurse. 

After a hiatus in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, TravCon is back for 2021 and promises to be bigger and more fun than ever. And, our Medely Recruitment Team is excited to be part of the action at booth 423 and a lunch sponsor! Here are five reasons every healthcare professional, along with our Medely team, is excited to attend TravCon 2021. 

What is TravCon?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the details of TravCon 2021, which bring Nurses, Techs, and all others flocking from far and wide.

TravCon debuted in 2008 and quickly became known as the “epicenter of the healthcare travel industry.” Created by healthcare travel professionals, this convention means providing a place where traveling professionals can gather, learn from each other, celebrate, and be celebrated. TravCon welcomes everyone from veteran travelers to those just getting started in the field. 

Hosted over five days in world-famous Paris, Las Vegas, Nevada, attendees to the convention can choose their experience, whether that’s relaxing by the pool, tasting wine, networking, or finding your next (or first!) traveling assignment with Medely. Or, if you’re in town for a more educational experience, you can sign up for any professional development classes offered by highly qualified trainers. 

And, don’t forget about all the great swag, like a one-of-a-kind Medely hip pack to carry all of your healthcare and traveling supplies.

Top 5 Reasons Every Travel Professional Should Attend TravCon

If you’re still not convinced, here are the top 5 reasons every travel professional should make it to TravCon 2021 this year.

#1. It’s affordable

Ticket prices have dropped drastically since TravCon 2019, thanks partly to the convention’s leading sponsors, including Medely. This makes attendance more affordable than ever before. In addition, the “Newbie Bundle” includes all main-stage and adjacent events, including educational brunches and the convention’s famous after-party. This year, it costs just $359 for the package deal. 

Attendees can also add on other experiences, including professional certification classes and language boot camps, at an additional but reasonable cost. With housing for the weekend, meals, and travel, the entire experience should cost you less than $800 altogether. 

And if you need to knock a little more off the price, TravCon welcomes volunteers — those who work 8 hours during the convention will receive one free ticket. 

#2. It’s educational

Not only is the Medely Recruitment team excited to meet with new and former travelers, but we’re here to stay up to date on all the latest trends in traveling! The TravCon 2021 lineup includes all kinds of extracurricular lectures and workshops that will prepare you for both professional and life-in-general skills and activities you didn’t know you needed. For example, one event on this year’s TravCon schedule is described as a course on real estate investment for healthcare travel professionals. 

TravCon also offers many recertification opportunities in staple skills that every travel professional should have under their belt. These include Advanced and Basic Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Pediatric and Adult Cardiac Life Support, and Fetal Heart Monitoring. Then, upload your credentials immediately to your profile on the Medely platform. So have fun, get your party on, and knock a few recertifications out of the way while you’re at it. 

#3. It’s fun

First things first: Vegas. What traveler hasn’t dreamed just once about cruising the strip and experiencing this famous desert city’s incredible, illuminated nightlife? Venture out of the con on your own for a solo experience in the Neon Capital of the World, or attend one of the many outings offered by convention event planners: take a classic double-decker bus tour, or don your best inflatable outfit for a stroll down Sunset. 

If you’re reluctant to leave the grounds, there’s still plenty of fun to be had. Food, including the lunches sponsored by Medely, happy hours, wine tasting, and pool parties, will leave you spoiled for choice of entertainment between networking and BLS training. 

Outdoorsy and wellness-minded pros will find their needs catered to, as well, with morning yoga sessions, beautiful desert hikes, and park events providing a good time for the chiller party people among us. 

#4. It’s a networking opportunity

While at TravCon 2021, you will encounter a variety of educational, professional, and extracurricular institutions. This will allow you to forge long-lasting professional relationships that can lead to jobs as well as other career-advancing opportunities. And, of course, make sure you meet with Medely Recruiters at booth #423 for more inside information.

It is also an opportunity to learn from your peers, exchange information, and find your people among a vast network of colleagues. The relationships you build at TravCon are sure to show up later in your professional life. 

#5. It’s a place for community

What you do with your time at TravCon is up to you. And whether you choose to spend your week napping by the pool and getting massages or grinding at continuing education opportunities, you’ll be doing it among like-minded peers and associates. 

TravCon 2021 was designed for travel pros by travel pros, like all of us together. This is an event wherein you can be celebrated and feel seen and uplifted by your community. We would love to see you there!

TravCon and Medely

Medely is coming to TravCon this year! We are a staffing network specially designed to find travel Nurses and other Allied Healthcare Professionals positions in healthcare that suit their busy and adventurous lifestyles. To learn more about what we do, visit us at booth #423!

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