Save time and money with our healthcare credentialing solution

Medely verifies professionals and digitizes credentials so you can cut out the busy work, stay compliant, and save costs.

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Credentialing, simplified

Medely’s online and intuitive healthcare credentialing solution helps healthcare facilities store and manage compliance requirements for healthcare professionals quickly and easily.

Cut out the busy work 

No more tracking down and securing the credentials and documentation your facility needs for compliance. Medely’s credential tool helps your staff save time and cut costs by storing professionals’ credentials in one place. 

Digital uploads

Healthcare professionals can easily stay up-to-date by uploading renewed credentials anytime from a computer or mobile device, helping you store and track documentation. 

Automated reminders

Our system automatically sends notifications to healthcare professionals about ready-to-expire credentials to provide the most up-to-date documentation. 

How Medely’s Credentialing Solution works

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Step 1: Professionals upload their credentials

Nurses and allied health professionals use our simple tool to upload digital copies of their credentials and certifications. 

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Step 2: Real-time renewal reminders

As qualifications need renewal, our healthcare credentialing solution sends professionals alerts to upload new information and meet compliance standards. 

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Step 3: Single-point review 

Your administrative team can review and download documentation from our intuitive system. 

Save time and administrative costs with Medely’s healthcare credentialing solution