The ambulatory surgical center (ASC) industry is experiencing significant growth with forecasts projecting it to reach $58 billion by 2028. While this growth presents opportunities, it also brings challenges, particularly in the area of staffing. Inconsistent labor pools and the reliance on temporary workers can disrupt an ASC’s growth potential and negatively impact its operations. In this post, we’ll explore the key issues surrounding surgery center staffing shortages and how healthcare facilities can overcome these challenges.

The Costs of Staffing Inconsistency

Relying on inconsistent labor pools and temporary workers can have significant financial and reputational consequences for ambulatory surgical centers. Canceled procedures due to a lack of staff can result in a substantial revenue loss, with the average ASC earning around $3,800 per procedure. Additionally, physicians may become dissatisfied if they feel unsupported by unreliable staffing, leading them to potentially leave the ASC and further disrupt operations. 

Perhaps most concerning, negative patient experiences stemming from surgery center staffing shortages can harm an ASC’s reputation, diminishing valuable referrals and online reviews crucial for attracting new patients. Addressing these staffing-related challenges is essential for ASCs to maintain profitability, retain top talent, and sustain a strong patient pipeline.

  • Lost revenue due to canceled procedures
  • Reducing physician happiness due to lack of support
  • Fewer referrals and decreased reputation affecting the patient pipeline

Addressing Surgery Center Staffing Shortages

Traditionally, agencies have been the go-to solution for accessing an extended workforce. However, this model has become inefficient, with high overhead costs that can impact an ASC’s ability to overcome staffing shortages and secure the help it needs quickly and cost-effectively.

In relation to reliability concerns associated with traditional temporary staffing agencies, it’s essential to highlight the value of dependable, local per diem nurses. Unlike temporary workers from agencies who may lack experience or familiarity with your facility’s procedures, per diem nurses who come through platforms like Medely are thoroughly vetted, credentialed, and experienced professionals. By favoriting these nurses, ASCs can ensure continuity in their staffing, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust among both staff and patients.

Moreover, integrating per diem staff into your ASC’s workforce doesn’t just alleviate immediate staffing shortages; it also offers long-term benefits. By supporting full-time staff with per diem professionals, ASCs can mitigate exhaustion, reduce expensive overtime costs, and cultivate a happier, healthier workforce. This collaborative approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to a positive work environment conducive to providing exceptional patient care.

Introducing Medely, your solution to overcoming staffing shortages.

Medely’s online direct-to-pro talent marketplace offers a new approach to staffing in the healthcare industry. With over 130,000 vetted and credentialed healthcare professionals, Medely provides ASCs with a fast and reliable way to bring in per diem nurses and fill shifts, helping them overcome surgery center staffing shortages. Medely makes a big impact for healthcare facilities, with 85% of shifts being filled within 24 hours and 70% filled in under two hours.

Key Benefits of Medely:

  • Access to an extensive local pool of experienced nurses and allied health professionals to overcome staffing challenges
  • Ability to quickly fill staffing gaps, prevent disruptions, and support full-time staff
  • Reduced costs and overhead compared to traditional staffing agencies
  • Improved physician and patient satisfaction through consistent staffing support


Overcoming staffing shortages in the ASC industry is crucial for maintaining growth and providing high-quality patient care. By leveraging innovative solutions like Medely’s national talent marketplace, healthcare facilities can address the issues of inconsistent labor pools and ensure their ASCs operate efficiently and successfully.

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The Cost of Inconsistent Surgery Center Staffing & How to Remedy the Problem

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  • ■ Why nurses are leaving full-time jobs behind.
  • ■ The factors impacting healthcare professional employment.
  • ■ How you can use an extended workforce to meet demand.
  • ■ How you can use data-led staffing planning to manage costs.

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