If you’re new to the world of Travel Nursing Jobs, hunting for new opportunities can seem a bit tricky at first. Hospital job boards and conventional nursing employment sites tend to push long-term positions towards the top of their lists. But there are plenty of Travel Nursing positions out there. And all it takes to find them are:

  • Research skills
  • A little external support
  • Knowing what to look for to find your right fit 

Of course, the Medely Platform for Healthcare Pros tops our Travel Nursing resources list. All Nurses and Allied Health Professionals have access to a comprehensive Travel Nursing job-finder and can utilize it to quickly and easily find their next position. 

But to thrive in Travel Nursing, it is necessary to grasp the many and various resources available to you. And this article is one of them! We’re going to start with an essential guide for finding the correct Travel Nursing position for you. Then we’ll finish up by introducing you to several organizations and pages that will help you when searching for your next healthcare destination. 

Travel Nursing Job Descriptions

Travel Nursing responsibilities are essentially the same as those in more permanent healthcare placements. As a result, job descriptions are going to look very similar. The main difference you will notice has to do with the time frame. Long-term nursing jobs rarely describe a designated end-date for their positions. On the other hand, Travel Nursing jobs will almost always have the length in weeks within the explanation. Average travel positions last around 13 weeks but will commonly be anywhere between 8 and 26 weeks in length.

Healthcare Professionals can find other significant traveling differences in the fine print of job descriptions. Because Travel Nursing and Allied Pro positions are often in urgent need, there may be a compensation premium to provide a better incentive to the professionals applying. (Travel healthcare wages are relatively high, so this is undoubtedly an added bonus!) Your health insurance, savings accounts, and other professional benefits may come through your agency and thus are very rarely offered by the hospital or clinic you’re applying to. 

Travel Nursing Key Qualities

There are a lot of things Healthcare Professionals need to be. Nurses and Allied Pros need to be compassionate, competent, professional, innovative, and more. Travelling Healthcare Professionals must be all of these things and then some. If you’re someone who works a new short-term assignment every four months or so, there’s a whole other set of criteria you need to fill to thrive in this career. 

Travel Nurses and Allied Health Pros should be:

  • Flexible. Unless you are uber-specialized and exclusively working the traveling pediatric oncology circuit, for example, you might find yourself in a varied position at each new assignment. Travel Nurses are there to fill gaps at hospitals or clinics with staffing shortages, and you must be willing and able to complete the required duties at each new assignment.
  • Dependable. You have to be able to dive into your work and get the job done right. Your temporary assignment can significantly impact the hospital, clinic, or surgical suite while you’re there, and it’s up to you to make it a good one. Travel Nurses need to be on time at every shift and provide for their patients and coworkers as best they can be. 
  • A quick learner. Don’t know anything about the role you’re filling today? Is the EHR one you’ve never used before? Better learn fast. The need to absorb information on your feet is one of the most significant challenges of being a Travel Nurse. But it’s also one of the best perks and allows you to gain valuable experience in various areas quickly. 
  • Positive. High-stakes, fast-paced jobs go by more smoothly if you do them with a smile and a good attitude. Plus, positivity spreads to those around you and can be a great way to ensure that that hospital will offer you assignments in the future. 
  • Outgoing. Forming relationships with the people you work with is essential and helps to foster a sense of community and teamwork. Because travel assignments are short, you don’t have time to be a wallflower. A curious and people-oriented mind will help you form fast friendships with colleagues at your various travel destinations. 

Travel Nurse Resources

It’s a jungle out there, and if you’re going to thrive as a Travel Nurse or Allied Health Pro, you should take a map or two with you. Below, we’ve listed a few resources that will help keep you in the know and on the right track. 

  1. National League for Nursing – The NLN is an American Nursing Association dedicated to supporting Nurses and Nursing Students across the country. It offers resources such as grants, networking opportunities, and professional development initiatives to member Nurses. 
  2. Academy for Health Services Research and Health Policy – This organization is another platform dedicated to excellence in Healthcare and supporting professionals in all areas of the field. Not only do they make the world a better place by advocating for positive changes in Healthcare Policy, but they also offer many professional resources to Healthcare Workers. They even have a job board!
  3. Trauma Information Pages – This online resource helps keep you up-to-date with the latest research in treating and interacting with patients suffering from mental and emotional trauma. Articles on this website include broad overviews on the biology of trauma and more specific studies on various treatments and interventions. 
  4. Worldwide Congress on Pain – This website represents a global collaboration working towards understanding, treating, and facilitating better outcomes for patients suffering from pain. Like the TIP, you can find general studies on pain or dive deep into specific kinds of pain and pain interventions to get ready for your next assignment. 
  5. Nursing Center Nursing Reference Library – Access to emerging information is vital for Nurses and Allied Pros. And with this resource, every peer-reviewed, evidence-based piece of information within the medical field is at your fingertips. Use the NRL to study up for your next job, or take a journal or two with you for some light reading on your next vacation. 
  6. American Association for the History of Nursing – The AAHSN allows you to learn from the past with a comprehensive database detailing how the field of nursing became what it is today through the hard work of nursing pioneers and predecessors. The AAHSN also supports nursing students by providing research awards and grants. 
  7. RN Travel Web – This free service allows travel nurses to simultaneously search all of the world’s top travel nursing agencies for the job that’s right for them. Pick a destination, and RNTW will deliver a list of positions for you to choose from right to your inbox. 
  8. Medely – And of course, Medely is your Travel Nurse central for all job opportunities. Medely not only offers an agent-free job hunting experience, but we also have Career Advisors and Clinical Specialists on staff who will personally work to help you find the best positions for you. Medely empowers you to find work that suits your lifestyle and only work when you want to. It’s all in your hands. 

Want to know more about whether travel nursing is proper for you? Check out our other article: How does Travel Nursing Work? And, happy travels!