The healthcare industry is continuously evolving, and with it, the demand for skilled allied health professionals. As we progress through 2024, certain in-demand allied professional specialties are standing out as particularly crucial. Medely, a leading platform connecting healthcare facilities with qualified professionals, has analyzed data from thousands of per diem and longer term assignment postings to identify the most sought-after allied health specialties this year.

Top 5 in-demand allied professional specialties

1. Certified Nursing Assistant

2. Surgical Tech

3. Certified Surgical Tech

4. Fluoroscopy Tech

5. Sterile Processing Tech

These in-demand allied professional specialties reflect the growing need for skilled professionals in surgical settings, medical imaging, and specialized procedures.

Fastest-growing allied health positions (year-over-year)

In addition to the top in-demand allied professional specialties, Medely has identified the following positions as experiencing the most significant growth:

  • Mammography Tech ↑241%
  • Registered Respiratory Therapist ↑139.6%
  • MRI Tech ↑128.2%
  • Interventional Cardiac Cath Tech ↑109.2%
  • Registered Nurse First Assistant ↑99.2%

Growth in these sectors is not surprising. The American population is growing older, with an estimated 80 million people expected to be over 65 in 2040—double what it was in 2000

Factors driving demand for allied health professionals

Several key factors are contributing to the increased demand for allied health professionals:

1. Aging population: With an estimated 80 million people expected to be over 65 by 2040, there’s a growing need for healthcare services, particularly in areas like cancer screenings and chronic disease management.

2. Advancements in medical technology: New diagnostic tools and treatment methods require skilled technicians and specialists to operate and maintain them.

3. Expansion of healthcare settings: Care is no longer limited to hospitals. The growth of ambulatory surgical centers, urgent care facilities, and specialized clinics creates diverse job opportunities for allied health professionals.

4. Emphasis on specialized care and diagnostics: As healthcare becomes more personalized, there’s an increased demand for professionals with specialized skills in areas like mammography, respiratory therapy, and cardiac care, contributing to the rise of new in-demand allied professional specialties.

How allied health professionals can benefit

If you’re an allied health professional looking to take advantage of these trends, Medely offers an excellent platform to find flexible work arrangements. By creating a profile on Medely, you can:

– Access a variety of per diem shifts and longer-term assignments

– Gain experience in different healthcare settings

– Choose work that aligns with your specialization and interests

– Enjoy the flexibility of selecting your own schedule


The allied health profession is experiencing significant growth and demand in 2024, with certain specialties becoming increasingly crucial. Specialties like Surgical Tech, Fluoroscopy Tech, and GI Tech are particularly sought after, while areas such as Mammography Tech and Registered Respiratory Therapist are showing rapid growth, potentially becoming the next wave of in-demand allied professional specialties.

These trends reflect the changing landscape of healthcare, with an increased focus on specialized diagnostics, minimally invasive procedures, and chronic disease management. For allied health professionals, this presents an excellent opportunity to advance your career, gain diverse experiences, and contribute to the evolving healthcare industry.

Whether you’re already specialized in one of these high-demand areas or looking to expand your skill set, now is an excellent time to explore the opportunities available. Create your Medely profile today and take the next step in your allied health career!

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