Medely not only helps nurses and allied professionals find shifts and assignments, but we also have a large team of nurses and healthcare professionals on staff who are working to make a difference in the healthcare industry. 

We sat down with a few of the registered nurses who work at Medely to discuss why they love working here and how they use their expertise to help the healthcare community. 

Travis Sexton – Clinical Account Manager II

Travis shares how his experience as a nurse motivates him to help close staffing gaps and help nurses and healthcare professionals have freedom and flexibility to live life on their terms. 

“Having experienced short staffing for much of my tenure as a nurse leader, Medely’s mission became personal. Medely provides a platform where healthcare professionals can have control over their scheduling, location, and pay! I continue to be blown away by the growth of Medely and am excited to see how Medely will continue to change the staffing landscape.” 

Katie Haigler – Clinical Specialist 

As a former healthcare professional herself, Katie knew she wanted to find a job that utilized her skills and expertise as an RN to make a difference in the healthcare world, which is what led her to Medely. 

“I feel like having a healthcare worker walk you through the process of getting your Medely profile set up streamlines the process for our workers. And it is nice for them to know they are talking to a healthcare professional that understands how their jobs work.”

Kristen Warren – Clinical Account Manager II 

During Kristen’s time as a nurse, she took advocating for her patients seriously. Now at Medely, she continues to be an advocate. This time, it’s for nurses and healthcare professionals who sign up for Medely.

My background as a nurse has had a profound impact on how I approach my work at Medely. It has provided me with a unique perspective and valuable skills that I bring to my current role. As a nurse, advocating for patients is a core responsibility. This sense of advocacy carriers over into my work at Medely, where I advocate for the best interests of our clients and healthcare professionals, ensuring their needs are met.”