There’s only one Seal Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center. This skilled nursing facility(SNF) is the only one of its kind in the area of Seal Beach, CA, a coastal city located in Orange County. And, it’s been providing rehabilitation and skilled nursing services to the community for over 50 years.  

We sat down with Manijeh Forouzan, NHA, administrator at Seal Beach Health and Rehabilitation Center, a 198-bed facility that needs about 80 nurses and allied professionals to provide tailored nursing care and rehabilitation services 24 hours a day, every day. A staff that size requires that the facility manages sustainable workloads, time off, and unexpected absences. 

After using Medely, Manijeh never looked back. 

“I have not added any other staffing solution or worked with anyone or even considered,” she said. 

Medely is their partner and staffing solution that helps them meet their standards of care in the face of all the labor challenges faced by a skilled nursing facility.

Learn more below about their partnership with Medely and how they’re using our innovative tech to improve patient care:

Coming out of the pandemic understaffed

Like many facilities across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic affected Seal Beach’s ability to staff appropriately to support its patients, leaving staff ill and unable to come to work. During this time, Manijeh tried other staffing solutions, but said that staff cancellations became a real problem. 

“The reason I didn’t continue with the small companies was that they were unable to satisfy our staffing needs.” 

Manijeh learned about Medely from another facility in the area that had success tapping into our on-demand talent marketplace and extended workforce solution, and she decided to give us a try. 

She immediately noticed the difference between Medely’s self-serve platform versus the back-and-forth process of phone calls, emails, and texts that traditional staffing agencies or even doing it herself would require. 

But, when the time came to pick up the phone and get support, Manijeh could easily get a hold of her account manager, Benita. She said, “Benita is amazing and she immediately responds to whatever I need.” 

Efficiencies designed and delivered by Medely

At the beginning of Seal Beach’s partnership with Medely, Manijeh talked with her account manager about the need for a 530 Form for the State of California for the staff she was looking to book. At the time, Medely did not have any functionality to allow uploading of this particular form. 

Manijeh, her account manager, and our product team worked together to build this functionality into the Medely platform for Seal Beach and all other California facilities. By partnering with Seal Beach and addressing Manijeh’s needs, Medely could deliver a better product for more facilities. 

“You cannot believe how it has made my life easy, and I am so grateful for it,” said Manijeh.

She estimated that she saves about 2-3 hours a day using Medely because she doesn’t have to track down 530 Forms anymore. They are all uploaded to our platform. She says we help her save time in other ways too, including, planning her staffing requests in advance, easily removing and adding shifts as the need arises, and managing her billing all in our one-stop platform. 

Medely reduces stress and pressure on staff

Medely has also helped impact her current staff and Seal Beach’s quality of care they are able to provide. “The morale has changed,” said Manijeh. “They are actually seeing that I’m not forcing them to do extra because I have no staff.” 

Manijeh is also a fan of how Medely tries to fill shifts as quickly as possible when they are posted or vacated by a professional. “I’m not even questioning, ‘am I going to have enough staff?’ Because if I need it, I’m going to schedule it with Medely.” 

Manijeh believes that patient care is first and foremost, and that translates into revenue for the facility, especially when times get tough, which is why she loves booking nurses through Medely.

“It has been a pleasure actually to have these amazing, wonderful nurses to help us through the difficult times.”

Because of everything we have worked through together in our partnership, Manijeh says that if other facilities are considering using Medely they should, “go for it.” 

“They are willing to hear you,” she added. “And, they are willing to work with you to resolve challenges.”

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. 

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