The ability to create a personalized work schedule is becoming increasingly attractive for nurses and health professionals who want flexibility in their lives to pursue their passions, spend time with their loved ones, and promote a healthier work-life balance. At Medely, we help them find that.  

Angela Thomas, a registered nurse, is one of thousands of Medely users who have found the freedom to create a life they love while earning more and maintaining the schedule they want. 

We sat down with Angela to find out why she got into healthcare, how she discovered Medely, and how she’s created a career that she loves. 

Q: Why did you get into healthcare? 

A: “I got into healthcare because, like most people, I wanted to help people. I actually wanted to go to PA school at the beginning of my career. But my sister was a nurse at the time, and she just told me that I would have more mobility as a nurse, a lot of flexibility, and I could work in different specialties. So, she suggested nursing instead. And I went for it, and I loved it.”

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a healthcare professional? 

A: “The most rewarding part is just being able to help people in times of vulnerability. I think it kind of gives you a sense of humility because we’re not better than anybody else that we’re helping, but it’s just to be in that position where they need help, and we’re the ones helping. So you kind of just give it your all during those 12 hours. When I go to work, I kind of put everything else out of the window and focus on my patients and what they have going on.”

“Actually, my sisters talked to me about it [Medely]. We started an assignment in California, and she said a coworker had spoken to her about the platform and how we could pick up extra hours during our contract using Medely. And that’s when I started.”

Q: Why do you use Medely?

A: “I like it because it’s a low commitment. Usually, it’s just a shift, so it’s low commitment, and I get to go to new places. I get to meet new people usually. It’s around my schedule, so it gives me a lot of flexibility. When I first started using Medely, there was a lot of availability, and I actually left my contract and worked just Medely for a few months. I was able to plan trips and family events without requesting PTO for my contract and making the same or more money.”

Q: What surprised you about Medely when you first started? 

A: “It was really user-friendly. The interview process wasn’t grueling, but they did take their time to kind of vet the candidate to see what you’ve done, what your specialty is, and what you’re able to do. After that, it was quite easy to pick up shifts and go to different facilities. The instructions were clear, so I’ve never really had any issues. And the frequency of pay. Of course, because I came from at the beginning of my career getting paid every two weeks, then as a traveler getting paid weekly, and then Medely pays Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So it’s very convenient.”

Q: How does Medely help you live the lifestyle you want to live? 

A: “It gives me flexibility because time is really important, especially when I’m living in a place where my family’s literally across the country. Sometimes I have to be off for weeks and blocks of days. With Medely, if there are shifts available, I can decide to work nine days in a row and then go home for two weeks and come back. And then I still have a job. I don’t have to worry about,  “Oh, I missed two weeks. I’m no longer on the contract.”

Q: Has picking up shifts on Medely helped you achieve any goals – personally or professionally? 

A: “I would say I’ve worked at different facilities where I’ve made networking connections. Also, the facility doesn’t post as frequently because I’ve been there, and they like my performance, so I’ve been placed on the favorites list so I can secure shifts even when it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of work out there.

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