Thousands of health professionals across the country use Medely to pick up shifts and find travel assignments that fit their lifestyle. We interviewed one of these allied health professionals, Gwendolyn Randall, a GI tech who’s been picking up shifts with Medely since 2020.

Gwendolyn was looking for flexibility to work her own hours and earn higher pay. When one of her friends recommended Medely, she knew she had to try it out. With Medely, she’s been able to reach her goals and has been loving it ever since.

“A friend of mine told me about Medely, and I just tried it out,” she said. “It’s just been really positive. That’s what keeps me sticking with them.”

Pick up shifts on your schedule

Gwendolyn was looking to pick up per diem shifts that worked for her life, which is one of the many reasons why Medely works for her. Whether she wants to work a few days a week, once a week, or even once a month, Medely lets her choose her own schedule, leaving her room to do the things she loves.

“It’s flexible because you can pretty much let them know when you want to work. You could do per diem work like three days a week and just put it in the app. It’s really flexible and offers a work-life balance.”

Competitive rates for health professionals

Not only has Medely provided Gwendolyn with much-needed flexibility, but with Medely’s competitive rates, Gwendolyn has been able to make more with Medely than she would as a staff GI tech. 

“When I went out of state two years ago, I got the chance to pay off my car because of the rates… That was a big, big help.”

Access to Medely’s support team

Gwendolyn has appreciated Medely’s upfront approach to connecting health professionals with facilities. From the above-average rates, consistent shifts, and easily reachable healthcare recruiters and customer support staff, Gwendolyn has been impressed by Medely’s commitment to supporting nurses and health professionals.

“Everything they say, they stand by. The app is very easy to use, and the pay is really good for a tech. It’s one of the best platforms I’ve dealt with.”

She also says that if you’re a health professional on the fence about joining Medely, take the jump.

“They just have really good assignments and facilities,” Gwendolyn says. “And anytime you call them, you’re going to get them on the phone. I recommend them.”

Take the leap with Medely

Ready to change your healthcare career in 2024? Join Medely! Medely has travel assignments, local assignments, and per diem shifts for nurses and health professionals in thousands of health facilities nationwide. Whatever your 2024 goals are, let Medely help you reach them!