Learn how to book per diem shifts from the pros

If you’ve been accepted to Medely as a professional in one of our markets that’s just starting to grow, you may not see many shifts right away as we recruit new facilities. But, shifts are coming! With over 130K healthcare professionals, over 1 million shifts filled, and over 6,000 facilities that have used Medely, we are one of the biggest healthcare marketplaces in the US.

Hear from other professionals who joined Medely early in their city, and how they succeeded.

How did you book your first shifts with Medely?

“In the beginning I remember having to rush and try to book a shift before anyone else every time a notification of an available shift was posted. With time it became a lot easier because more and more shifts were getting posted.” – David Martinez

“There were few shifts, and they were snatched up very quickly. What helped was the few shifts I was able to take, those facilities usually liked me very much and ended up saving me as a “favorite” and would then request me for future jobs which in turn was a huge payoff since I always got first dibs on booking with them later on!” – Britney Eggleston

“I have a specific ringtone for the Medley number when text messages of shifts come through and in addition to that I have the website up and I am logged in on my phone ready to book when something pops up that I want to work.” – Britney Eggleston

What tips would you give to new professionals on Medely, especially in growing markets?

“Patience is key. Know your stuff and as soon as you land those first few shifts do a great job because of you do I guarantee that they will be offered shifts directly from the facilities [through Medely’s Favorites feature] instead of you going and searching.”  – David Martinez

“Be as versatile and as flexible as you can. And if you can’t, be honest with the employer. Be willing to learn.” – Lori Bell

“Give it a chance. Let yourself experience a few different shifts and places before we decide if it’s for you or not. If you don’t like a specific facility you can choose to not book there again, that’s the beauty and ease of this platform!” – Britney Eggleston

Would you recommend Medely to other nurses and healthcare professionals?

“Definitely! I have come to meet many great employees/employers and have been offered contracts from different facilities. The pay is great as well.” – David Martinez

“Absolutely, because it’s an amazing opportunity for one time shifts. Better than a per diem position where you are required to work a certain amount of shifts. You can work as little or as much as you’d like. If life gets busy you can take a break for weeks or months and then pick right up again!” – Britney Eggleston

“Yes since 2016 I have recommended Medely to every traveler friend I know and have come to work with. The app is so easy. Everything is right there for you to see. The payout is still quick. And for travel assignments the recruiters are on top of things. It’s an easy way to make money as a side hustle and now with the travel contracts it’s easy to make this a main job too. I have had no complaints working with Medely all these years.” – Lori Bell

For more tips on how to secure your first jobs on Medely, check out our help center article here.