Looking for something to hype you up on your morning commute? Or something that will inspire you while you get ready in the morning? Well, look no further! Here are a few of our favorite podcasts for nurses and allied pros! Be prepared to be inspired by encouraging stories from fellow nurses and pros, learn something new from healthcare industry leaders, and maybe even have a laugh or two. 

Image from Behind The Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience Podcast
Image from Behind The Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience Podcast

Behind The Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience by Justin Allison 

Listen up, travel nurses! This one is for you! In this interview-style podcast, Justin Allison brings on weekly guests to discuss everything travel nursing. From wellness to boundaries to financial tips, Justin isn’t scared to dive into the deep end with his guests. Even though this podcast centers around the travel nursing industry, all healthcare professionals can benefit from the inspiring stories and great advice from members of the travel nursing community, healthcare industry leaders, CEOs, and more.

Image from Scrubs Off Duty Podcast

Scrubs Off Duty

Looking for a fun, fresh take on nursing? Check out Bri’s podcast! With Bri’s bubbly personality, you’ll immediately be hooked. As a new travel nurse, Bri is taking us along with her on her journey through all the highs, lows, and unexpected parts of travel nursing. But if you’re not a travel nurse, don’t worry! With fantastic guest speakers and topics that range from nursing small businesses to mental health struggles, Bri’s podcast is sure to have something for everyone. No matter what episode you listen to, you’ll walk away feeling inspired.

Image from The WoMed Podcast

The WoMed

If you’re looking for a podcast that uplifts women and LGBTQIA+ folks in medicine, you’ve come to the right podcast! From lighthearted Q&As to deep, meaningful conversations about mental health and diversity in healthcare, Danielle Maltby and Jackie Camardo are always looking for ways to bring awareness to the challenges that nurses and allied pros face, problems in the healthcare industry, and tangible ways to make lasting, positive change. With passionate hosts and fantastic guests, we highly recommend checking out this one. 

Image from Ask Nurse Alice Podcast

Ask Nurse Alice

We all need a mentor, and Alice Benjamin is more than qualified for that role. She’s had a highly successful career in the healthcare industry for over 23 years, and her excellence and expertise have gotten her featured in various media outlets. So, send her your questions, and be prepared for 40 minutes of thoughtful answers and Alice’s passion for working toward improving the healthcare industry, one question at a time.  

Image from The Conversing Nurse Podcast

The Conversing Nurse 

Looking to change specialties? Or maybe just want a snapshot of what it’s like to be in a different specialty? Then this podcast is for you! Michelle Harris gives us a sneak peek into the lives of nurses in specialties from pediatrics to hospice. You’ll get a glimpse of what inspired these nurses to pursue these specialties, what they love most about their specialty, and a glimpse into their everyday life.

Image from The Nurse Blake Podcast

The Nurse Blake Podcast 

You might recognize Nurse Blake from his hilarious social media accounts, but did you know he also has a podcast? Nurse Blake hosts this podcast with his husband, Brett, about all things nursing. While Nurse Blake comes from a healthcare background, Brett doesn’t, so it offers listeners an inside and outside perspective into the expansive, changing healthcare world. From getting into the nitty gritty of different nursing specialties to talking about the nursing crisis to ask me anything episodes, you’ll have a mix of fun and serious conversations with Nurse Blake. 

Image from Nurse Essentials Podcast

Nurse Essentials 

Cleveland Clinic is a household name in the healthcare world. But did you know they have a podcast for nurses? Carol Pehotsky hosts this informative podcast about, you guessed it, nursing essentials. Filled with tips and tricks, nursing advice, and hard-hitting conversations about the healthcare industry, with Carol’s many impressive titles, you’ll want to soak up everything she has to say.

Image from Straight A Nursing Podcast

Straight A Nursing

Paging all nursing students and new nurses! This is the podcast for you! With episodes dating back to 2017, Nurse Mo is a veteran in the nurse podcasting world. And rightfully so. If there’s a topic you might not fully understand or are having trouble grasping, Nurse Mo will break it down effortlessly in her podcast episodes. She provides a wealth of resources for student nurses and new nurses, so we highly recommend giving it a listen! 

Image from The Good Nurse Outlook Podcast

The Good Nurse Outlook

Nurse Naj, an ER travel nurse, is a great resource for nurses who are looking for a sprinkling of everything in a podcast: lifestyle, nursing tips, and how to live a healthier life. Nurse Naj has you covered! With bite-sized podcast episodes, they’re the perfect length for your morning commute or while you’re doing your makeup in the morning. 

Image from The Empowered Nurse Podcast

The Empowered Nurse 

Ready to feel empowered? Need a little boost of confidence? If you’re not listening to the Empowered Nurse, you’re missing out. Lacey Morgan’s killer advice is great for any nurse, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just graduated nursing school, there’s an episode here for you.