We chatted with Nakei Kemp, Human Resources Manager at Good Samaritan Hospital in Bakersfield, CA, a hospital that’s “setting new standards for quality and innovation in patient care” serving the community with an acute care unit and a psychiatric unit. Nakei has been with Good Samaritan for over 15 years and has seen many changes, but what stays consistent is the family-oriented environment, her close-knit team, and the need to fill shifts with verified nurses and allied health professionals.

At Good Samaritan Hospital, the med-surg floor at the hospital currently has 43 beds, the psychiatric unit has 23 beds, and it’s growing, getting clinics attached to the hospital and going in a positive direction, says Nakei. With busy times and growth, Nakei and her team use Medely to find and book the staff they need, especially in the surgery unit.

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Q: What is something you love about using Medely?

A: “That you get a quick response. If I submit an assignment, and I don’t get a response by that next day, my representative, Lindsey, will reach out to me to get more details and see what she can do on her end. I’ve never had an issue with filling a position when we use it.”

Q: Is there anything that surprised you about using Medely?

A: “How easy it was because if you go through a staffing agency, you have to go through more hoops. With Medely, everything is clear.

“I like that it’s electronic, and I’m not dealing with somebody directly on the phone. I’m able to set it up, go look and see what days are covered and not have to contact the actual person to see what’s going on.”

Q: Sometimes you do need customer service though, what is something you like about Medely’s customer service?

A: “When I email my representative, she’s quick to respond. If I call, she calls back. She’s very proactive and good about following up to make sure I don’t have any more issues or concerns. That that much I can appreciate, especially on those busy, busy days. 

“Sometimes you get sidetracked once you post, and forget to go back to see if you got any notifications or anything, so to have that follow up is good.”

Q: Are there any specialized positions that you are typically looking to fill shifts with?

A: “For us, it was always the surgery department. We were having issues with surgery staff, and Medely was helpful in filling those spots.”

“We actually filled a standing for a recurring week. We already had that same person come in, and they meshed with the team immediately. With the professionals that Medely has sent, I’ve never had to end an assignment because they didn’t mesh with the team.”

Q: How would you describe the professionals that you’ve booked through Medely?

A: “They easily mix in with no issues and no concerns. I didn’t receive any feedback from any of my managers that they interacted with that they weren’t competent enough or their level wasn’t as what they needed. So, no negative feedback.”

Q: Has using Medely professionals impacted the quality of care the hospital is able to provide?

A: “Yes. When we were short on nurses for the surgery unit, they were going to have to cancel surgeries because we didn’t have enough staff. So, when we had that person come in and step up, there was not a delay in the surgeries. It was just like they belonged here, and they were one of ours.”

Q: Do you have any other stories about a time when Medely might have helped you find the staff you needed quickly?

A: “The most recent is the LVN we needed for the month assignment. They gave me two days’ notice that we needed somebody for the whole month, and [my representative] Lindsey was able to come in to find somebody, so we were able to fill it, and we didn’t have a delay. They didn’t have to reschedule patients or any of that, it was prompt, and she was on it.”

Q: Is there anything that I haven’t covered that you’d want to add?

A: “I appreciate the customer service – that part I could say. It makes it easy. If I have to go find staff, I haven’t had any issues with Medely, so this is the way I’m going to go.”

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

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