At Medely, we love celebrating our team members.

We sat down with Melissa Smith from our sales team to talk about her experience working for Medely and why she’s passionate about helping nurses and health professionals.

Melissa Smith, account executive manager, has played a major role in Medely’s expansion. Like most of our Medely team, she was inspired to be a part of helping nurses and health professionals avoid burnout and achieve work-life balance while also helping facilities combat staffing gaps that can affect patient care. “I joined Medely so I could help make a difference in the healthcare space,” Melissa shares. “Who helps the helpers? We do.”

Combatting staffing shortages and burnout

After witnessing how disruptive being short-staffed can be, Melissa is passionate about connecting more facilities with Medely and helping them keep their team running smoothly and efficiently.

“I have seen Medely be able to give a facility’s existing staff much-needed time off, have seen facilities be able to get back to focusing on patient care, and have seen entire health systems be able to operate more efficiently. It has truly been magical to witness.”

Passion for helping nurses and health professionals

Melissa’s passion for changing the healthcare industry stems from her personal connection to the health professionals in her own life. “I have always had family members that have been in healthcare, but I never really truly understood how many things go wrong when they’re even one less person down for that day, “Melissa shares. “So, to be able to present them with this option to have so many more hands on deck whenever they need it…just really makes you feel good at the end of the day. And by helping them, you’re also helping their patients.” 

Getting a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges facilities are facing has helped Melissa continue to work toward ending staffing shortages that can throw the whole facility off-balance. Learn more about how she’s accomplishing this in her full video on our Instagram!

Take the leap with Medely

If you’re on the fence about using Medely’s Talent Marketplace, Melissa recommends doing a test run to see how big of a difference Medely can make. “Just give us a try and just see how you like using the platform, how easy it is to use, and how you like working with a Medely professional,” Melissa shares.

“Why would you want to leave something to chance when you can easily have a Medely professional come in and just take all of that stress off of you?”

Medely relies on a strong team to be able to expand to facilities across the country. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our sales team, we’ve partnered with over 4,000 healthcare facilities nationwide, and we’re continually working to expand our Talent Marketplace.

Combat staffing shortages and help build an extended workforce that fits your needs with Medely. No obligations, no strings attached, no extra steps. Just post shifts or assignments when your facility needs them.

And if you’re looking to join the Medely team and work with incredible team members like Melissa, check out our careers page for any openings!