Medely quickly connects healthcare facilities directly with tens of thousands of vetted and qualified professionals through our talent marketplace who are looking to pick up per diem shift and assignment requests. Facilities use Medely to supplement their existing full-time staff, fill requests quicker than traditional staffing solutions, and manage their labor costs by using Medely whenever they need it. 

Medely currently supports 47 nursing and allied professional positions and 305 specialties. Using Medely data from 2022 and 2023, we have identified the highest in-demand positions and trends most important to the healthcare industry. 

Top 5 nurse and nursing assistant needs

Medely identified these top positions by calculating the highest number of per diem and assignment requests posted by facilities for Medely pros. In the past year, there have been over 350,000 total requests made for these five positions. 

  1. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  2. Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) RN
  3. OR/Circulating RN 
  4. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  5. Pre-Op RN

Of these five positions, the need for CNAs and LVNs has increased the most year-over-year — 209% and 151% respectively. 

Top 5 medical technician needs

  1. Surgical Tech 
  2. Radiology Tech
  3. Certified Surgical Tech 
  4. Sterile Processing Tech
  5. Gastrointestinal Tech

Positions with the most growth year-over-year

  • Psychiactric RN – 3,300% 
  • Long-term Care RN – 230%
  • Telemetry RN – 160% 

Growth in these sectors is not surprising. As mental health becomes more prioritized in American society and treatment is encouraged, the need for assistance in mental health and psychiatric specialties will grow in the coming years.1 Also, the American population is growing older with an estimated 80 million people expected to be over the age of 65 in 2040. This is double what it was in 2000. Long-term care and heart health are top priorities when treating aging populations. We expect growth in these areas to continue and for competition to increase. Medely can help your staffing needs by connecting you with local psychiatric, long-term care, and telemetry RNs. 

What drives demand for nurses and allied healthcare professionals? 

Chronic disease prevalence 

The prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer continues to rise. These conditions often require ongoing care and management, which increases the need for healthcare professionals, including nurses and allied healthcare workers.

Advancements in medical technology and treatments

Medical advancements have led to new treatments and procedures, expanding the range of healthcare services available. Nurses and allied healthcare professionals play a crucial role in delivering these services, creating a higher demand for their expertise.

Increased emphasis on preventive care

There has been a shift towards preventive healthcare, which aims to identify and address health issues before they become more severe. Nurses and allied healthcare professionals play vital roles in health promotion, disease prevention, and patient education, driving the demand for their skills and knowledge.

Expansion of healthcare settings

Healthcare services are not limited to hospitals. Investments are being made in expanding the number of ambulatory surgical centers, skilled nursing facilities, urgent care centers, and home health. This diversification of healthcare settings expands the demand for nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

Nursing shortages and workforce attrition

There is currently a shortage of nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Factors contributing to this shortage include an aging workforce, the retirement of experienced professionals, and poor recruitment and retention efforts. The ongoing shortage intensifies the demand for these professionals.

How nurses or allied professionals can take advantage

If you’re a nurse or allied professional looking to create flexibility or earn extra cash, use Medely to find per diem shifts and assignments with facilities that need your expertise. Create a profile today to get started.

How facilities can find staffing help

Finding local healthcare professionals to fill per diem or assignment requests is easy, fast, and affordable with Medely. Our talent marketplace has over 100K vetted, credentialed healthcare professionals ready to help. To find out more, click the link below.