Want to add some inspiration, education, or community to your social media feed? Here are a few of our favorite healthcare social media accounts that brighten our day and get us excited about healthcare professionals taking the social media world by storm.

Sarah Warren @shesinscrubs 

Mental Health Advocate

Image from @shesinscrubs

Nobody is as passionate about advocating for nurses’ mental health as Sarah Warren. Through Sarah’s candidness about her struggles with mental health during her time as a nurse, she’s created a platform that helps inspire and give hope to thousands of nurses who are going through their battles with mental health. 

Her activism for nurses goes beyond her personal social media account, though. She’s the founder of her own nonprofit organization (another great follow @dontclockoutorg) that provides community support and mental health resources for healthcare workers. Part of Sarah’s mission to help nurses with their mental health is being a proponent of getting more nurses in hospitals and closing the staffing gaps so that nurses aren’t stretched thin and can take the time that they need to work on their mental health. As a talented speaker and advocate, her advocacy expands outside the reach of her Instagram account as she helps make real, tangible changes to the way that the healthcare industry is working. 

IMPACT @impactinhealthcare

Healthcare Education Nonprofit

Image from @impactinhealthcare

As a healthcare professional, it’s crucial to be educated about systemic issues that affect the healthcare industry, both on the patient and staffing sides, and IMPACT makes this information readily available and easily accessible for all healthcare professionals. Some of the topics IMPACT educates about are medical racism, safe working conditions for healthcare workers, caring for LGBTQIA+ patients, and other topics that might not be in a medical textbook but are crucial to the safe, equitable care of patients. By addressing these topics and raising awareness, IMPACT is helping to create a generation of informed healthcare workers, who are fighting against the social, economic, racial, and other issues that plague the healthcare industry. 

Jorelie Anne Guirao @qdnurses

Nursing Education 

Image from @qdnurses

Nursing students, this one is for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything you’re learning in nursing school, qdnurses makes everything a little bit easier and a lot less stressful. Their account is focused on breaking down nursing concepts into bite-sized, easy-to-remember acronyms, graphics, blogs, and more. Their website also offers longer-form content about any topics you might need a little refresher on. So take advantage of their page for your next study session so you can feel confident going into your next test or clinical! 

Nurse.com @nurse.com_

Nursing Resources and Continued Education

Image from @nurse.com_

As the name suggests, nurse.com is a one-stop shop for everything a nurse needs to know. One of their main draws, though, is that they offer a variety of continued education courses for nurses all in one easy-to-access place. Whatever topic you’re interested in, from nutrition to ethics to mental health and everything in between, nurse.com has continuing education courses to help you meet your career goals. 

If you work per diem or travel nursing, nurse.com can also help you find community. While travel nursing or per diem shifts offer flexibility, this type of work can make it difficult to find community as a nurse with familiar co-workers and staff members. Nurse.com makes it easy for you to connect with other nurses across the country, so if you’re looking for other nursing friends, give nurse.com a follow!

Miki Rai @mikirai

Lifestyle and Nursing Influencer 

Image from @mikirai

This list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include Miki. She’s well-known in the nursing world for her unique, honest, hilarious content. Miki is an open book, sharing what it’s like to be a nurse in today’s world, budgeting tips and tricks for nurses, hysterical skits, a look into her relationship with her boyfriend (who also works in medicine), and how she lives her life when she’s not suited up in scrubs taking on the nursing world. Miki is a great follow if you want a laugh, to feel uplifted, and to learn how to kick butt as a young nurse.

Brittany @brit.tah.neee

Travel Nurse and Nurse Practitioner 

Image from @brit.tah.neee

Say hello to one of your new favorite follows, Brittany! From content about life as a travel nurse to an authentic look at her daily life to practical advice for nurses, Brittany is a light in the nursing social media space. Recently, she’s opened up about her journey as she goes back to school as an FNP student, so if you’re looking for some studying inspiration or advice on furthering your nursing education, check out her page! 

Kati Kleber @kati_kleber 

Nursing Educator

Image from @kati_kleber

Nursing school throws a lot of information your way, but some of the more practical skills that go into nursing or finding a job in the nursing field might go untouched, which is where Kati comes in. Kati focuses on content that’s helpful for first-time nurses or nursing students to feel confident, comfortable, and prepared for hospital settings, interviews, and all the fun nursing first-times that you might not even know you have to plan for. With advice from what your first clinical will look like to what to wear to a nursing interview, Kati covers those must-know topics that will inevitably pop up along your nursing journey. 

Katie Duke @thekatieduke

Nurse Practitioner and Lifestyle Creator

Image from @thekatieduke

If you’re looking for inspirational nurses to follow, Katie is definitely on that list. With features in the Washington Post and Forbes, Katie is well-known in the industry and has been in the social media game for a while. Katie is a nurse practitioner, so a lot of her nursing content focuses on her life as an NP and advice for new NPs, but all nurses can get something out of her content. Her honest, helpful look into the nursing world also includes sprinkles of lifestyle content mixed in, like what it’s like to live in New York, delicious-looking food, cute nail art, and lots of inspirational travel photos.

Lex @wanderrlex

Travel & Per Diem Nurse and Advocate

Image from @wanderrlex

One of our favorite per diem nurses to follow is Lex. Lex chronicles their life as a per diem nurse and everything that comes with it, like incredible photos and videos of her travels, their adorable cat (who even has its own social media account @tunatheadventurecat), and what it’s like to be a per diem nurse after working through the worst of the pandemic in 2020. Lex is a passionate advocate for LGBTQIA+ folks and fair working conditions for nurses and is dedicated to helping make nursing a safer, better job for everyone. Get ready to be inspired and uplifted with her amazing content! 

Medely @joinmedely

Staffing Marketplace for Nurses and Allied Professionals

Image from @joinmedely

Our list wouldn’t be complete without giving ourselves a shoutout. If you liked these suggestions, consider giving us a follow too. Medely is a healthcare staffing marketplace looking to help nurses and allied pros land their next travel contract, per diem shift, or local contract. We have the hottest travel tips, the latest findings in per diem shifts, lifestyle advice from our favorite healthcare influencers, and a small screenshot of what it’s like to take control of your life and work when you want. Find us on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn