Our Medely team is full of former nurses and health professionals who are now playing an integral role in helping healthcare facilities solve staffing gaps with vetted, credentialed nurses and allieds from Medely’s Talent Marketplace. One of these former nurses is Bess Medina, account manager. As a former CNA, Bess has a deep understanding of the healthcare field and a passion to make it a better place for all health professionals. We sat down with her to discuss her experience as a CNA, what inspires her to keep working in the healthcare industry, and how her clinical experience shapes her role here at Medely. 

Bess’ nursing journey 

Like most healthcare professionals, Bess experienced firsthand the burnout and exhaustion that can come from being understaffed. “There were times when I volunteered to work extra shifts, sacrificing my own social life and wellbeing to ensure that patients received the care they deserved. Like many healthcare professionals, I prioritized the needs of my patients above my own, often working exhausting 16-hour shifts consecutively.” 

Extra shifts and long hours like Bess and her team were working can be a short-term option, but as a long-term solution, they’re a recipe for staff burnout. And when left unaddressed, burnout among staff can lead to higher turnover rates in facilities, making an already dire problem even worse. But thankfully, tech-based, easy-to-use solutions like Medely are changing the game when it comes to staffing facilities and providing nurses and health professionals much-needed freedom and flexibility.

“Medely has significantly transformed the healthcare system by leveraging technology to effectively address staffing challenges. In today’s world where technology plays a pivotal role, Medely’s platform offers a swift and seamless solution for healthcare facilities to manage their staffing requirements,” Bess shares. “Medely’s platform reduces stress for doctors and nurses by providing a reliable resource for finding coverage in case of unexpected staff shortages. This assurance enables healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care, knowing they can quickly find qualified replacements through the platform.”

Why Bess joined Medely

Because of her own experience with the effects of staffing shortages, Bess is passionate about Medely’s mission to provide an efficient staffing solution for healthcare facilities when they need it. “Because of my background, I can empathize with the concerns and frustrations expressed by our clients when they are short-staffed,” Bess shares.

“I understand the urgency of finding qualified professionals to fill in those gaps, especially when patient care is at stake. This understanding allows me to better assist our facilities in finding the right healthcare professionals quickly and efficiently through Medely’s platform.” 

As she works to onboard healthcare facilities, educate about the platform, and help them meet their needs, Bess reminds herself that, ultimately, everything she does leads directly back to the patients. “Implementing Medely’s core values into my work, particularly putting patient care first, serves as my guiding principle. Recognizing that every task, decision, and interaction ultimately impacts patient care allows me to stay focused on what’s truly important,” Bess shares. “When nurses and healthcare professionals are supported, rested, and equipped with a sustainable work-life balance, they can deliver the highest quality of care to patients, ultimately leading to better health outcomes for all.” 

Start filling shifts with Medely

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