Medely is proud to have a team full of former nurses and healthcare professionals who are able to understand the challenges, goals, and motivations of the nurses and health professionals who use Medely.

One of the many former nurses on our team is Karla Trevino, who was an RN for 18 years before joining Medely. We sat down with her to discuss her experience as a nurse, how she started working with Medely, and how her clinical background inspires her work.

Karla’s nursing journey

Karla’s story of how she joined Medely is unique because she had the privilege of picking up per diem shifts with Medely as a nurse before joining as director of our clinical account management team. “I was one of the first RNs to pick up per diem shifts when Medely first started while I was living in Los Angeles. I was out there working travel assignments and other perm positions when I saw an ad to ‘work when and where you want,’” she shares. “It was a great experience, but when I decided to move back to Austin, TX, I told our CNO, Angie, to think of me if they expanded to other areas outside of southern California. A year later, Angie reached out and asked me to join the recruiting side for Medely. I believed in the vision since day one and was super excited to be a part of the journey!”

Why Karla joined Medely

Since Karla had been a nurse for almost 20 years before joining Medely, it felt like a natural fit for her to use her experience to help today’s nurses and health professionals find better solutions to picking up shifts and assignments to help them reach their goals. “I think working for Medely has been a perfect blend of using my nursing experience and pushing forward tech solutions based on what I and so many colleagues have faced,” Karla says. “I think so many of us have thought there has to be a better way, and Medely proves there is! It keeps me motivated every day.” 

With her personal experience as a nurse, Karla is motivated every day to connect facilities with quality health professionals and work to help nurses and health professionals avoid burnout and live life on their terms.

Pictured from left to right: Karla Trevino and Bess Medina

“Changing the way healthcare works is personal for me as a nurse. With every healthcare professional who books shifts with us, we are helping those facilities get the qualified staff in place they need to take care of patients. At the end of the day, we are doing good work. I may not be at the bedside anymore, but I still am helping patients get the care they deserve.”

Combating nursing shortages

As nurses and health professionals continue to look for more flexible schedules, premium pay, and a work-life balance, technology-enabled solutions like Medely are key to creating a healthier workplace for nurses and health professionals. Karla has seen firsthand the freedom that can come from being able to work on your terms, so she’s passionate about empowering nurses and health professionals and helping them create autonomy over their schedules. “As a nurse, I know that having flexibility and control over when you want to work is HUGE! It’s evident with our hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals who have joined the platform that this is so true. Having an easy way to make extra money on your days off, planned ahead or not, is a fortunate opportunity to have,” Karla shares. “I also think so many of us nurses have worked in hospitals that were short-staffed and have worked in some healthcare facilities that have been stuck in their ways for years, and Medely has opened up their eyes to a much simpler solution to get the staff they need to take care of the patients.”

Take control of your schedule with Medely

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