Medely’s mission to help nurses and health professionals work how they want, when they want has enabled Medely users to pursue their goals and find their passions. Whether they’re saving for a down payment on a house, spending more time with their family, traveling the world, or anything else they set their mind to, with Medely, nurses and health professionals have the freedom and flexibility to achieve their dreams. One of these health professionals is Femi Faniku, a registered nurse. 

We sat down with him to discuss his journey to becoming a nurse, how he found Medely, and the personal and professional goals that Medely has helped him meet. Check out the full conversation below.

Q: Why did you get into healthcare?

A: “Far back as 2008, when the first recession happened. At the time, I actually trained in England, so I lived in the UK at the time. The recession obviously affected the whole world. I was kind of looking into a more secure industry, so healthcare was kind of the way forward. And then another factor that influenced my decision was the National Health Service, which we have in England, provided free education, which meant that I got my training for free by the government. And that was really a win for me at the time.”

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of being a nurse? 

A: “I think the fact that you have so much influence, and you can easily see that feedback when you provide good care. I think that’s also very rewarding that you can help patients progress on the care continuum and see them recover. I think that’s the best thing.”

Q: How did you discover Medely, and what motivated you to sign up? 

A: “I discovered Medely through a Google search. At that time, I was working as a school nurse, and I was supporting this kid with special needs. Sometimes when he didn’t feel like coming to school, it meant I didn’t work, and it was kind of hard on my finances. Obviously, the Bay area is quite an expensive place to live. I needed to sort of help myself. So, I started searching, and I found Medely online. It was pretty straightforward to sign up, too, and I loved it.”

Q: Why do you use Medely?

A: “There are many good things. Being the first kind of app-based nursing service that I used, I found it really intuitive. It was easy to see what kind of roles you would need, and you would be there for it [the shift] if you felt comfortable that you were able to perform that task. And that gave you a lot of control and flexibility. So I kind of felt like that’s what I needed at the time.”

Q: What about Medely surprised you when you first started? 

A: “The fact that you just saw how you get paid on it. That was just fantastic. In some other agencies I’ve worked with, you have to wait for over a week or whatever payment schedule. But with Medely, you saw your daily earnings, and that kind of like was a motivating factor to be able to say, ‘this is what I want to achieve.’ And then you could see that progress daily based on the contract and gigs you have. So I thought that was really cool. I haven’t seen that anywhere else.”

Q: Do you find Medely easy to use? 

A: “I would say it’s very intuitive. The app was easy to navigate. At every step of the process, you knew what you had to provide. Once you provided that, there was a progression to the next stage, and you saw how that journey happened. It’s very straightforward, very intuitive, and a very transparent system as well because you kind of see all the communications.”

Q: What’s your favorite part about using Medely? 

A: “It gives me the flexibility of controlling my time so I’m able to commit to other things that are important in my life, like going to vacation, travels, whatever schedule that’s important to me, meetings that I want to attend, or even educational stuff that otherwise would have been a challenge working in a regular schedule.”

Q: How does Medely help you live the lifestyle you want to live? Have you been able to achieve any goals because of Medely?

A: “Yeah, I did. I’m actually a homeowner today because of Medely.  On a daily basis, I was able to track how much I was earning. I was able to project how much I needed and put in extra effort and then see the rewards. So it’s been a rewarding thing.”

Q: Have you been able to accomplish any professional goals that you’ve wanted to with Medely?

A: “That’s another thing. Medely offers you other clinical opportunities. Normally once you’re stuck in a particular job, you know you’re going to do that aspect of nursing. But with Medely, you can kind of mix and match. I gained a lot of peds experience, which otherwise I wouldn’t have had if it were not for Medely. That strengthens my resume and gives me the opportunity to say, ‘Yeah, I have experience in this field.’ The opportunities are just so diverse, and you can kind of choose and build up to, even changing the aspect of nursing you want to be part of.”

Q: Would you recommend Medely to a friend or a healthcare professional? 

A: “I think I have. When something good happens in your life, it’s natural that you want to share the news with other people, so I have no doubt recommending Medely to many people who have signed on to it.”

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