At Medely, we’re proud to play such an instrumental role in empowering nurses and allied health professionals to find shifts and assignments that work for them. Thanks to the freedom and flexibility Medely offers, thousands of health professionals on our platform are able to earn on their schedule so they can spend more time pursuing their passions, working toward their goals, spending more time with loved ones, and, overall, helping to make the world a better place.

Ashlyn Fajerson, radiology technologist, is one of the many allied health professionals who have taken control of their lives using Medely. We sat down with her to talk about her experience using Medely, her inspiration for becoming a healthcare professional, and what goals Medely is helping her reach. 

Why Ashlyn became a radiology technologist 

Ashlyn’s inspiration for becoming a radiology tech happened after a personal encounter with another radiology tech. “My dad had a stroke when I was 18,” Ashlyn shares. While her dad was in the hospital, the radiology tech on staff helped get the imaging that was responsible for saving her dad’s life. “Radiology stuck out to me then,” she says. 

Ashlyn was always passionate about helping people, and after being inspired by her encounter with the radiology tech who saved her dad’s life, she knew she had found the right career path. 

Whenever she picks up a shift, she continues to receive confirmation that she’s in the right place as a healthcare professional. “With Medely, I travel to different hospitals on the regular. I’ll pick up steady contracts every now and again, but I jump into surgery cases, and jumping in the OR, you gotta know your stuff,” Ashlyn says. “It’s really refreshing that, I want to say, 90% of the places I’ve been, people add me to their favorites, and they want me to come back. It’s a kind of a constant refresher that, okay, I’m supposed to be doing this. I’m here for the right reasons. And it’s rewarding on both ends.”

Why Ashlyn uses Medely as a radiology tech

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashlyn left her career as a radiology tech and pivoted to a work-from-home job in finance. But, after working from home for a while, she was ready to get back into the team environment that working in a hospital provided her. 

“I was in a place where I got out of the hospitals because of COVID. But I had gotten into finance, and I was actually working from home. And, I realized that I just kind of missed the team aspect and, honestly, helping people. I was just Googling part-time radiology, and Medely came up. So, I went ahead and applied, went through all the stuff, and I actually just kind of fell into it.”

After her experience working from home, she wanted to find a way to keep a flexible schedule, so picking up shifts with Medely was an easy transition and helped her create the schedule she wanted. “I really enjoy how I can control my own schedule and create my own schedule because I was used to doing that,” Ashlyn says. “Working through Medely, I get to do the same thing.”

Along with the ability to create a schedule that works for her, Ashlyn appreciates the simplicity that Medely offers. It’s easy to pick up shifts, and she has plenty of shifts to choose from on the platform. “The platform is very easy to use. It’s pretty cut and dry,” Ashlyn shares. “There’s anything from overnight shifts to morning surgery shifts. I really enjoy the flexibility of shifts.”

Medely helps radiology techs accomplish more 

If you’re looking for help reaching your financial and professional goals, Medely can help. Ashlyn shares that through Medely, she’s been able to create a life that’s more flexible and enjoyable for her. “I’d say that Medely has helped me with a lot of goals. I am actually able to make a little better money than I was when I was working a 9 to 5,” shares Ashlyn. “I’m able to pay a lot more stuff off. I’m actually able to do a lot more things and have a lot more freedom with my time and what my money allows me to do.”

By using Medely, Ashlyn has been able to spend more time doing what she loves, like riding motorcycles and seeing live music. With her spare time and extra cash from picking up shifts with Medely, she and her husband are even working on starting their own business.  “I am thankful I found you guys. I really enjoy getting to do what I do.”

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This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.